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State-of-the-Art Wound Care Treatment

Derma-Gide Advanced Wound Care Matrix

Advanced Wound Matrix

Geistlich Derma-Gide® Second generation xenograft featuring 4 dimensions of product design:

  • Dual Sourced
  • Highly Refined
  • Bi-Layered
  • Structurally Optimized


Discover how the advanced design of Geistlich Derma-Gide® transforms two distinct source tissues to a clinically effective Advanced Wound Matrix.




Dual Layer


  • Two distinct sources from porcine are selected for their specific characteristics and provide the best composition for further refinement.
  • These two source tissues are protected by trade secrets and are not disclosed to the public but are not SIS or dermis.


 Highly Refined

Highly Refined


    • Based on 170 years of expertise, Geistlich transforms the source tissues into an advanced design with the precise characteristics to support wound healing.
    • The refinement step differentiates Geistlich Derma-Gide® from allografts – which can only be minimally manipulated – and other first generation xenografts.



Bi-Layer Render


  • The bi-layered design of Geistlich Derma-Gide® mimics the structural organization of human skin facilitating re-epithelialization and cell ingrowth.
  • The integrated structure is a result of the refinement process and the two layers are mechanically linked to form a durable and easy application.


 Structurally Optimized

Structurally Optimized


  • The upper compact layer of Geistlich Derma-Gide® mimics the skin’s basement membrane allowing keratinocyte migration as well as growth factor binding and preservation. It also protects the wound site and allows suturing if desired.
  • The structure of the lower porous layer of Geistlich Derma-Gide® supports MMP activity modulation which supports the formation of a physiological extracellular matrix. It also provides an optimized environment for cell migration, attachment and vascularization and can absorb up to nine times its weight in wound fluids. 


The Geistlich Derma-Gide® Advanced Wound Matrix is an acellular bilayer scaffold derived from porcine extracellular matrix (100% veterinary certified) designed specifically to support wound healing.


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